Complete Overview About the Concept of Anxiety Among Dogs

Dogs are known to be the best pets as they know how to express themselves. If they are happy, they will twirl around you, if they are emotional, they will come running to you and lick you but what happens when they are facing a mood disorder such as anxiety?

Anxiety is a mood disorder which not only affects human beings but animals too. Your fur buddy is no exception to this and can also face this disorder in the near future. Now, you must be thinking, what can cause anxiety in my dog? Well, the answer to this may vary. Some of the common causes of anxiety in dogs are:

1. Fear:

Fear can provoke anxiety in anyone, even dogs. Loud music, a specific person, or a place can stimulate the fear factor in your dog. There are chances that your dog might get anxious when he faces such a stimulus. Common signs that your dog would show could be barking, showing aggressive behavior, panting, running, etc.

2. Separation:

Being separated from your loved one can be very depressing. When a dog gets separated from his family, he shows signs of anxiety. Urinating in the house, constant barking, and showing aggressive behavior are some of the common symptoms of anxiety provoked by separation.

3. Age related:

Just like human beings, the chances of anxiety increases with age even in dogs. Dr. Jill Lopez pet candy magazine has all the good content that will help you to understand why a dog undergoes anxiety and how proper care can be given to him.

Final Overview

If your dog is showing some unusual behavioral issues, then you must visit your veterinary doctor and get him checked. A veterinarian will help you identify the cause and can give you advice on how you can help your dog.

Good training is needed to help your dog overcome this and who can help you in planning this treatment better than your veterinarian. So, do visit a veterinary doctor whenever necessary.
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