Does Hidden Fence Installation Also Work with Cats

Does Hidden Fence Installation Also Work with Cats?

When it comes to pet containment, hidden fence installation has become a go-to solution for dog owners seeking to provide their furry companions with freedom while ensuring their safety. However, amidst discussions of hidden dog fence installation, a question often arises: Can hidden fences effectively contain cats, too?

Hidden fence installation, also known as underground or invisible fencing, relies on a system of buried wires and receiver collars to create a boundary for pets. When a pet wearing a compatible collar approaches the boundary, it receives a warning signal followed by a harmless static correction if it attempts to cross the perimeter.

Traditionally marketed for dogs, hidden fence installation has gained popularity because it allows dogs to roam within set boundaries while keeping them safe from straying into potentially dangerous areas.

The Cat Mystery

Cats, known for their agility and independent nature, present a unique challenge when it comes to containment. Unlike dogs, cats are less likely to respond to training cues and may not be as deterred by static corrections. Therefore, pet owners often wonder if hidden fence installation is a viable option for containing their feline companions.

While hidden fence installation is primarily designed for dogs, it can also be adapted for use with cats. However, several factors must be considered:


Cats require a different approach to training compared to dogs. While dogs can be trained to recognise and respect boundaries, cats may need to be more responsive to training cues. Patience and consistency are key when training cats to understand the boundaries created by a hidden fence.

Collar Compatibility

The receiver collars used in hidden dog fence installation systems are typically designed for canines (of course) and may not be suitable for cats due to their size and temperament. Specialised collars designed specifically for cats are available, featuring lighter weights and adjustable settings to ensure their comfort and safety.

Environmental Considerations

Cats are skilled climbers and may attempt to bypass the hidden fence by scaling trees, fences, or other structures. It’s essential to assess the surrounding environment and make any necessary modifications to prevent cats from circumventing the boundaries.

Supervision and Monitoring

Even with hidden fence installation, it’s important to supervise cats when they are outdoors to ensure their safety. Regular monitoring and adjustments may be needed to address any potential challenges or issues that arise.

While hidden fence installation is primarily associated with containing dogs, with careful consideration and adaptation, it can also be effective for containing cats. By implementing proper training, utilising suitable equipment, and monitoring their behaviour, pet owners can provide their feline companions with a safe outdoor environment while respecting their instincts and independence. Try Hidden Fence today as a versatile solution for pet containment, allowing pets to enjoy the outdoors while giving owners peace of mind.

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