Welcome to Corgi Dogs! My name is Andreea and I'm a Corgi owner.
I initially built this as a blog for my Pembroke Welsh Corgi, Toby, but it has evolved into a general Corgi website.
Here you will find many interesting and helpful articles about our best friends and loyal companions, our Corgis. Our readers also have the option of having their Corgis featured on our website and Facebook page, for the whole World to see and appreciate how awesome they are.
Because, let's face it, what are Corgis, if not the most awesome dogs in the Universe?

Layla the Corgi from Ohio


Meet Layla, aka Layla Marie of Xenia, Ohio. She’s 7 years old and lives with Ellameda and her family since she was a puppy. She was Ellameda and her husband’s first baby, and she has watched their two boys grow up right alongside her. She is the best friend anyone could ask for! Layla loves […]

Robin & Sally, Two Corgis from Virginia


Meet Robin & Sally of Charlottesville, VA. They’re 11 and 7 years old, respectively, and their human, Charles, decided to own Corgis because he simply fell in love with the breed! (I tell ya, it’s so easy to love the low-riders) 🙂 A while back, Charles & his parents visited a breeder in Duxbury, MA […]

Archie the Corgi from Illinois


“Archie is our 2 year old boy that is happy in our Illinois weather any time of year. He has a never-ending source of energy when it comes to playing fetch or herding the chickens or the pigs. When it is time to rest, he takes over the recliner, but always has a toy nearby. […]

Vegas the Corgi from Nebraska

handsome corgi

Say “Hi” to handsome Vegas, aka Vegas Pegas, Pegas, V.P., of vegasthecorgi.tumblr.com. He was born on May 18, 2013 and he lives in Omaha, NE with his mommy & daddy. His mom, Joyce, wanted a Corgi for years because of how cute they were portrayed on the internet, and the internet was right! Plus, she […]

Dakota, the Tri-Color Corgi from California


“My Corgi’s name is Dakota. She turned 6 years old last summer. She lives with me and her adopted Chihuahua brother, Meatloaf, near Palm Springs, in Desert Hot Springs, CA. We’ve lived here in the desert for 2 and a half years. Despite the heat, we absolutely love it. I had just turned 18 years […]

Zoey, the Tri-Color Corgi from California


When one of Shannon’s daughters, Savanna, turned 21, her parents decided to surprise her with a Corgi puppy. They already had a Corgi, Cooper, who’s 11, so Corgi was the breed of choice for this family in Menifee, CA. The new baby’s name is Zoey, and she’s very bright. Her potty training went very good, […]

Rudy, the Cardigan Welsh Corgi from Pennsylvania

cardi corgi

Meet Rudy of York, PA. He is 8 years old and he lives with Corey and his family since he was 3 years old. Corey has always loved Corgis. “I remember seeing two at a soccer game that I was playing when I was younger. A teammate’s mother owned them and I just kept thinking […]

Flora the Corgi from California

corgi girl

“Meet Flora, our 6 year old Pembroke from San Rafael, Marin County, CA. I have always wanted a Corgi – ever since I can remember I have been obsessed with their extreme cuteness. Now after having Ms. Flora, I realize they are even more special than I could have imagined. She is funny, super smart, […]

Wyatt the Corgi

corgi puppy

Meet Wyatt, the cute Corgi pup! He lives with Chelsea and her family, but he still gets to see his Corgi mom and dad, who live only a few blocks away. Wyatt is a momma’s boy, but he also loves his 2-year old sister and she loves to call him Wy Wy. He still play-bites […]

Zelda and Cato, Two Corgis from California

cato kj

“Zelda and Cato are 1 year and 7 years old, respectively, and they live with Ian and Colleen in San Diego, CA. Ian received Cato as a gift when Cato was only a few months old, and they have been inseparable ever since. Cato is an extreme couch potato, and has an obsession with pillows! […]

Cordelia the Corgi from Colorado

corgi puppy

“Let me introduce to you Cordelia (Dilly Dog for short)! She’s a 4 yr old Pembroke born in Mississppi on Halloween! So every Halloween is a big celebration! As you can see, she’s quite special and has 1 blue eye and 1 brown eye! She loves to go on walks and especially loves car rides […]

Max the Rescue Corgi from Minnesota

happy cardigan corgi

“Max is a Cardigan Corgi. We adopted him the summer of 2012 from Homeward Bound Rescue, and he celebrated his third birthday last summer! The vet believes he is three; we don’t know his age for sure, since he was found as a stray. We fell in love with him as soon as we saw […]