Welcome to Corgi Dogs! My name is Andreea and I'm a Corgi owner.
I initially built this as a blog for my Pembroke Welsh Corgi, Toby, but it has evolved into a general Corgi website.
Here you will find many interesting and helpful articles about our best friends and loyal companions, our Corgis. Our readers also have the option of having their Corgis featured on our website and Facebook page, for the whole World to see and appreciate how awesome they are.
Because, let's face it, what are Corgis, if not the most awesome dogs in the Universe?

Lucas, the 3-legged Corgi from Pennsylvania

lucas home

“We had just lost our first Corgi and our family was heartbroken. I wanted to wait awhile to get another dog, but my husband said, “let’s get another dog soon”. It is hard to find adult Corgis in our area, so I started doing some research on getting a puppy, but that really wasn’t what […]

Bonnie, the Tri-Color Corgi from Canada

tri color corgi

Bonnie is a 2-year Corgi girl living with Corinne and her family in Ontario, Canada. Initially, Bonnie lived with another family who got her at the puppy tent at the All American Quarter Horse Congress. It didn’t work out with them, so they were looking for another home for her. Corinne and her family decided […]

Dually, the Tri-Colored Corgi from California

corgi kissing horse

“Dually is a 3 years old tri-colored Pembroke Welsh Corgi. Before he lived with me, Dually started his life living and working at a zoo, where his best friends were a Fennec fox and a miniature pony named Elmo. He now lives with me on a ten acre ranch, home of “Toby’s Legacy Equine Rescue”. […]

Rex le Roux the Corgi from Pennsylvania


“Rex is a nearly three year old Corgi residing in Pennsylvania. He is the second Corgi my family has owned. Our first, Marley, was a mill puppy and very sadly passed away before his time. My mother always wanted another Corgi after that, and had hopes of raising a Corgi puppy and a kitten together. […]

Bravo, a Corgi from Indonesia

smiling corgi

“My name is Inez, I’m 16 and this is my Corgi, Bravo. He’s 3 years old. We live in the suburbs of Jakarta, Indonesia. I’ve never had a dog before Bravo – I wanted a Bulldog, but then my mom’s friend gave me Bravo. Bravo is a really cute, friendly dog. He also likes water […]

Maru the Corgi from California

Maru's 1st B-Day

“My girlfriend, Christina, and I came across a picture of a Corgi one day while searching up what kind of dog, if we got one, would be one that we both liked. We searched through a few different breeds, and in the gallery of pictures, there was one with a Corgi. I clicked on the […]

Gone Too Soon – In Memory of Lani the Corgi


“Lani, my 9 month old female Pembroke, passed away on February 27th 2014. While I was at work, my Dad was taking her out for a walk. The leash that he used was very old, and the metal clasp was wobbly and wasn’t secure enough. While he was walking her, the clasp unhooked from her […]

Marcel Le Corgi from the UK

Smile - Feb. 2014

I know you already know this adorable little guy from Facebook, but now you have the chance to read his story, too, as written by none other than Marcel himself! 🙂 Here it is: “Mon nom is Marcel Le (Pembroke Welsh) Corgi. I was born in Wales in the Summer of 2013 and now live […]

Leini Rou, a Corgi Girl from Montana

corgi puppy

Here is Miss Leini Rou of Troy, MT. She will turn 4 years old in May, and she was a surprise present for her mom’s, Keicia, 22nd birthday. Keicia named Leini after her favorite beer, Leinenkugels, out of the great state of Wisconsin. Leini’s favorite toys include pieces of blankets, pieces of chew toys, and […]

Randall, the Rescue Corgi/Dalmatian Mix from New York

corgi dalmatian

I know you all loved Randall’s photo that I shared on Facebook a few days ago, and now you have the chance to “meet” him. Here’s his story, as told by Randall himself: “It all started one summer day in July, 4 years ago. I was wandering the streets with a rope around my neck, […]

Arky the Corgi from Pennsylvania

corgi on bed

Meet handsome 4-year old Arky of Drexel Hill, PA. He’s loveable and cute, and he lives with Bryt W. and her family. Arky’s got quite the personality, and he loves to sit at the door with his human sister and stare at the neighborhood cat. He also loves to hog the bed and chase Bryt’s […]

Midge the Corgi from Colorado

corgi with tail

“I would like you to meet Midge, our new family member, from Denver, CO! My husband and I have wanted to add a Corgi to our family for several years now. Knowing how smart, funny, and undeniably cute and adorable they are, we couldn’t wait to come home to a smiling Corgi face everyday. We […]