Top 10 Bird Toys To Keep Your Parrot Or Finch Entertained

Birds, whether they are parrots or finches, are intelligent and social creatures that require mental and physical stimulation to lead happy and healthy lives. One of the best ways to provide enrichment for your feathered friends is by offering them a variety of toys. Bird toys not only keep them entertained but also help prevent boredom and behavioral problems. This piece will talk about the 10 best bird toys that will keep your finch or parrot happy.

Interactive Puzzle Toys

Interactive puzzle toys are a fantastic way to engage your parrot’s or finch’s mind. These toys typically involve hiding treats or food inside compartments that your bird must figure out how to open. Foraging and problem-solving are natural behaviors for birds, and puzzle toys tap into these instincts.

Swings And Perches

Swings and perches are essential for birds to exercise and maintain their balance. They also provide a sense of security and comfort. Opt for swings and perches made from natural materials like wood or rope, as they are safe for your bird to chew on.

Chew Toys

Chewing is a natural behavior for parrots and finches, and providing them with appropriate chew toys can help prevent them from destroying your furniture or other household items. Wooden blocks, vine balls, and palm leaf shredders are excellent choices.

Bells And Noise-Making Toys

Birds are often attracted to noise-making toys like bells. These toys can keep your bird entertained for hours as they enjoy the sound and the sensation of making noise themselves. Ensure that the toys are not too loud to avoid startling your pet.

Mirror Toys

Birds are social creatures and often enjoy the company of other birds. Mirror toys can provide your parrot or finch with a sense of companionship and entertainment. Be mindful that not all birds react positively to mirrors, so observe your bird’s behavior when introducing one.

Climbing Toys

Parrots, in particular, love to climb. Providing climbing toys such as ladders, ropes, and hanging bridges can give them opportunities to exercise and explore their surroundings. Climbing toys are not only physically stimulating but also mentally engaging.

Feathered Toys

Birds are naturally attracted to feathers. Feathered toys mimic the appearance of prey and can pique your bird’s curiosity. These toys can also encourage preening behavior, which is essential for maintaining healthy feathers.

Shredding Toys

Many birds enjoy shredding things as a form of play and exploration. Shredding toys, such as paper or cardboard-based items, allow your bird to indulge in this behavior safely. You can even hide treats within the shredding toys to make them more enticing.

Colorful And Textured Toys

Brightly colored and textured toys can capture your bird’s attention and provide visual and tactile stimulation. Look for toys with a variety of shapes, sizes, and textures to keep things interesting.

Puzzle Feeders

Puzzle feeders combine play and mealtime, making them an excellent choice for keeping your bird mentally engaged. These toys challenge your birds to work for their food, which can be both fun and rewarding.


Keeping your parrot or finch entertained is crucial for their well-being. Giving them a range of things that satisfy their natural urges to chew, explore, forage, and climb can help keep them from getting bored and acting up. Remember to rotate the toys regularly to maintain your bird’s interest and safety. With the right selection of bird toys, you can ensure that your feathered friend leads a happy and fulfilling life.

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