How do you train your French bulldog like a PRO?

Teaching your lilac French bulldogs for sale the basic commands can be an experience. From sit, stay, come and more, French Bulldogs are brilliant students with the ability to learn all the basics. By training your Frenchie, you are not only developing his sense of obedience but also allowing him to create a stronger bond with you and your entire family, if any. Dogs with good basic training live with more comfort and less stress.

When should you start teaching your French bulldog basic commands?

When they are still small, all puppies are very conducive to learning and that is why you can start teaching your Frenchie the basics as soon as you acquire it for the first time. There is no reason to believe the myth that your puppy must have at least six months to start training, on the contrary. The younger you are, the easier it is to teach and the faster you will learn. The most basic and important commands you can start by teaching your dog sit, lie, walk, stay, and no.

Simple rules you should know about training

If you want to ensure success and effectively teach your Frenchie basic commands, it helps a lot if you follow the following rules –

Short Sessions:

Training sessions should be short. It is better to have six five-minute sessions a day than one half-hour session. This is to ensure that your dog has the ability to concentrate and succeed, which is very important, especially for puppies.

Just in a good mood:

We all learn (and teach) best when everyone else is happy, right? It is highly likely that your training session will be more productive if you are in the mood and patience to teach. Not having your best days? Do not worry. Try again tomorrow. 

No distractions:

First, remove all objects that could distract your dog from the place where you are going to teach him. Be clear and objective in what you want to teach him and select a calm environment. 

Once your Frenchie has learned all the commands, you can then choose a more hectic environment, such as outside, in order to allow your dog to perform what you have taught him in different environments.

Praise and Reward

Every time your Frenchie does what you think is right, you want him to do it again, praise and reward him. Praise and reward is the key to the right behaviors. This also applies to training sessions. The session must be accompanied by a reward – a treat, a toy, parties, etc. Verbal praise is also great. 


Ensure that the training session will always end on a positive note. Make your dog do an exercise that he can easily perform and reward him. This way you will be sure that the session will always end on a positive and victorious note.

We always recommend using a good treat as a reward for your Frenchie in its training, with good quality and a healthy option that takes into account the various problems that the breed is prone to (such as allergies).

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