Welcome to Corgi Dogs! My name is Andreea and I'm a Corgi owner.
I initially built this as a blog for my Pembroke Welsh Corgi, Toby, but it has evolved into a general Corgi website.
Here you will find many interesting and helpful articles about our best friends and loyal companions, our Corgis. Our readers also have the option of having their Corgis featured on our website and Facebook page, for the whole World to see and appreciate how awesome they are.
Because, let's face it, what are Corgis, if not the most awesome dogs in the Universe?

Darby O’Gill the Corgi and His Move Across Country


Some of you might remember Darby (I know I do!). He was featured last year, while he was living in South Carolina. In the summer of 2013, Darby and his mommy, Shannon, moved back to Wisconsin and she wanted to share pictures of Darby from all the states they crossed on their road trip. Darby […]

Penny Lane the Corgi from New York

corgi face

Meet Ms. Penny Lane of Nesconset, NY. She was born on June 16th, 2011 and her proud parents are Michele and Andy S. They picked Penny out of her litter, because they just couldn’t resist her cute little face and those short legs. Penny is very verbal. Michele and her husband always talk to her […]

Elvis the Corgi from New York

happy corgi

“My wife and I got Elvis a month after getting married. We chose a Corgi because my wife’s sister had one and he was a real ham, and pushed everyone around. He had a ton of character, and we loved that about him. Elvis is no different; though he is incredibly happy all the time. […]

CorgiDogs Celebrates Valentine’s Day 2014


“Everyday that passes I feel that I love you more. I feel thankful for the times we spend together, I know and feel that you are my perfect companion And friend and I’d choose you again… And again… And again!”  Happy Valentine’s Day from me, Toby and all these cute Corgis!

Small Dogs, Big Jobs: Corgis Vs. Cattle (Video)


I think I have now watched this video 10 times! I can’t believe I didn’t see it before, but Scott – the Corgi Dad in the video, sent it to me yesterday, and I just had to share it with you! It’s amazing to see Corgis doing what they were originally bred for! And the […]

Louis the Corgi from California

happy corgi

“Meet my 9-week old Pembroke Welsh Corgi, Louis, from San Jose, CA! I have had him for 4 days now and I love him to death. Even his big brother Potato (5 years) loves him. We had attempted to bring home a puppy before, and Potato didn’t like him at all, but now I feel […]

Odie the Corgi Mix from Arizona

corgi lab mix

“Odie is my 7 year old Lab/Corgi mix. He was born in Illinois, but lives in Arizona now. I adopted Odie from a local shelter when he was just 3 months old. I was not looking to adopt a Corgi, but my heart melted as soon as I saw his adorable little face and his […]

Basil the Corgi Vs. Pudda the Cat


Basil makes an appearance on the blog again! This time, he’s older (4 months) and wants to play with Pudda the cat. He’s all sweet and tries to get her interested, but she only wants to relax and sleep; and she makes sure Basil gets the message. Poor Basil! 🙂 He still has a lot […]

Scooter the Senior Corgi

christmas corgi

Meet Scooter the Corgi! He’s 11 and he lives with mom Nancy and dad Ronnie. Nancy had a friend that had a Corgi and she started loving them way back, so when she and Ronnie got together, he got Scooter for her back in Feb. 2002. Scooter is athletic; he’s getting a little slower in […]

Alice the Corgi from Kentucky

happy birthday corgi

Here’s Alice of Cadiz, KY! She’s 2 and her mom Hanna, decided to own a Corgi because she couldn’t get over how cute they were with their short legs and big ears. 🙂 Alice is a very energetic little girl! She loves to swim, even if that means getting dirty! She also loves to chase […]

Dottie the Corgi from Alabama

corgi fishing

“Meet Dorothy Gail, or Dottie, for short! She’s 9 years old and lives in Alabaster, AL. She spends most of her time on Lay Lake. She just loves it there! When our beloved Labrador Retriever passed away, we didn’t think we could handle another family member. Our oldest son, 13 at the time, insisted we […]

Corgi Wins Westminster’s Best of Herding Group (Video)


Here it is! The Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show – Best of Herding Group judging, in case you missed it last night. This is the 138th edition of the show and it’s the first time ever a Cardigan Welsh Corgi has won the 1st place in the Herding Group. Way to go, Coco! 🙂 Below […]