Welcome to Corgi Dogs! My name is Andreea and I'm a Corgi owner.
I initially built this as a blog for my Pembroke Welsh Corgi, Toby, but it has evolved into a general Corgi website.
Here you will find many interesting and helpful articles about our best friends and loyal companions, our Corgis. Our readers also have the option of having their Corgis featured on our website and Facebook page, for the whole World to see and appreciate how awesome they are.
Because, let's face it, what are Corgis, if not the most awesome dogs in the Universe?

Cardigan Welsh Corgi

cwc 1

The Cardigan Welsh Corgi is one of the two Welsh Corgi breeds. It is believed that the breed has its roots in Roman Britain. The Cardigan was used for hundreds of years by farmers to herd their cattle. Below you will find the specific characteristics of the breed: Country of Origin: Wales Skills: The Cardigan […]

Lola – Pembroke Welsh Corgi from California


Meet Lola. She is a sweet 4-year old Corgi living with her family in California. Her mom, Laura, said that she decided on a Corgi after seeing Kendra’s Corgi on “The Girls Next Door”, and then, after looking more into the breed, she knew it was a great fit. They wanted a smaller, but at […]


Toby 6 weeks

Meet my boy, Toby. He’s my handsome, spoiled Pembroke Welsh Corgi. It’s been over 2 years since I got him and he’s been the apple of my eye ever since. The story of how I ended up with a corgi is pretty simple: I always wanted a dog of my own, so when I made […]

Toby’s First Day with Us


All these pictures were taken on the day we brought Toby home. He was only 6 pounds at the time, and at first he was a little bit shy, but once he stepped into his new home, all his shyness melt away. The first night with us he got tired pretty quick, he slept like […]