The First Aid Kit for Your Corgi

27 October 2011 ~ 3 Comments

Keep Your Corgi’s First Aid Kit Handy In Case of Emergency

Here is something that every Corgi / pet owner should have in the house: a First Aid Kit. In case of an emergency (and if you are like me, than you’ll consider even a scratch on the dog’s paw to be an emergency) a kit containing medical supplies can be a real life-saver.

The first thing that you should do is put together a list of telephone numbers and stick it on the refrigerator so everybody can see it at all times. On the list write the following:

– The vet’s phone number, address, plus directions just in case you’re not home and somebody is pet sitting your Corgi.
– The emergency pet clinic / hospital’s phone number, address and directions.
– Animal poison control centers’ numbers. You can always trust ASPCA. Here is their phone number 888-426-4435.
– Your telephone number, where you can be reached, again just in case you leave the dog with a sitter.

Tip: Whenever you need to leave your Corgi with a sitter, make a list of toxic foods for dogs and stick it on the fridge, next to the phone numbers’ list mentioned above.

Now that you are done with the phone numbers list, you can actually start gathering items for the First Aid Kit. You can also buy a kit from pet stores, but I recommend that you put one together by yourself; this way, you are making sure that it contains everything that you might need in an emergency. To store all the items, bandages etc. use a plastic container with a lid that closes tightly.

first aid kit

A First Aid Kit is not a first aid kit without medicines and bandages, right? So let’s start with these. You will need:

– Betadine, or any other wound disinfectant
– Antibiotic cream / ointment for skin
– Antibiotic ointment for eyes
– Hydrogen Peroxide (used to induce vomiting in dogs; follow vet’s instructions)
– Cortisone cream
– Benadryl (use as directed by a vet)
– Solution for washing the pet’s eyes
– Solution for cleaning your Corgi’s ears
– Sterile saline solution for animals
– Anti-diarrheal medication for pets
– Activated charcoal. This may help with absorption of poisons ingested by your dog. Activated charcoal does not absorb all poisons, and keep in mind that you should never give activated charcoal to a vomiting dog!
– First aid tape
– Cotton swabs / cotton balls
– Gauze (different sizes, like roll, pads; both sterile and non-sterile)
– Non-stick pads
– Vetwrap or other bandage rolls

Besides the items mentioned above, your Corgi’s First Aid Kit should contain the following:

– Scissors
– Tweezers (for removing splinters and other small parts that are making your dog uncomfortable)
– Nail clippers and file (Just last night I used the clippers, because Toby’s side nail was bothering him. It is funny, he only has a side nail on his left paw, and I talked with the vet about getting it removed, but she said that she can’t do it because apparently is attached to the bone.)
– Styptic powder (use it to stop bleeding in case you clip too much of your Corgi’s nail)
– Oral syringe
– Thermometer (a dog’s temperature should be between 101 and 102.5 degrees F, or 38.3 to 39.2 degrees C. You can take your dog’s temperature using an ear or rectal thermometer, however, a rectal thermometer is more recommended.)
– Clean towels
– Paper towel
– Jelly (lubricant) packs
– Hemostats
– Heat and cold packs (never use directly on skin)
– Blanket / thermal blanket
– Vinyl / Latex disposable gloves

I’d say that these are the essential items that you should have handy at any time in the house, because it is always better to be prepared for anything. If you want, you can also put together a smaller First Aid Kit for your car. Hopefully, your Corgi will never need an emergency kit, but if he does, you, as a good “parent”, will be there for him, prepared.

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