Wiz, a Corgi/Toy Fox Terrier Mix from Pennsylvania

15 September 2013 ~

Mary T. of Pittsburgh, PA decided to own a Corgi because of their fun and loving personality, not to mention their cute faces. So 2 years ago, she found Wiz, a Corgi/Toy Fox Terrier. He was born in the middle of the night via an emergency c-section.

Wiz is very outgoing and can jump pretty high! Wiz’s favorite toys are kongs filled with peanut butter or tennis balls, since he loves to fetch! He’s also an excellent swimmer and loves other dogs of all sizes.

Welcome to CorgiDogs, Wiz!

corgi puppy

corgi in a car

happy corgi

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  1. Mary 17 September 2013 at 5:52 am Permalink

    That’s my boy! 🙂

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