Tucker, a Corgi from Milwaukie, Oregon

18 December 2015 ~ 0 Comments

Joining us today on our blog is Tucker, a 2 year old cute Corgi from Milwaukie, Oregon. Like most of us, Tucker’s mom, Heidi, decided to get a Corgi because of their cute Corgi smiles and rabbit butts. His nickname is actually “fluff butt”.

Tucker loves going hiking, walking, and spending time at the beach. He is super active and his mom takes him everywhere she goes. He is also a cuddly guy and can comfort his mom when she isn’t feeling well. Like most Corgis, Tucker is very smart and because of this can be stubborn. He definitely vocalizes it when he doesn’t like something… especially his paws being touched!

His mom loves him to death and can’t imagine life without him. Welcome to Corgi Dogs, Heidi and Tucker!

Tucker the Corgi

Tucker the Corgi

Tucker the Corgi
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