Toda the Corgi from California

09 April 2014 ~ 0 Comments

“Stubby legs, big head, big ears, long bodies, bunny butts, and the list goes on…. How could you not want a Corgi?! They’re full of character!

Toda loves to follow people into the restroom.
He loves attention.
He loves to sleep anywhere and in any position possible.
He recently smashed a bug with his face and then ate it.
He sure knows how to use his facial expressions.
He’s full of personality.
He just loves food, but sadly he’s allergic to many foods.
He gets bored of toys very easily, but he did have a period of time where shoes were his go-to toy.
He likes to model for the camera.
He loves humans more than dogs.
Has been told many times that he is the cutest Corgi on the block.” – Helen C.

Welcome to CorgiDogs, Toda!

lazy corgi

And this is Toda’s alter ego, Toda Jackson 🙂

corgi with wig

serious corgi

michael jackson corgi

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