Rigger, a Pembroke Welsh Corgi from Texas

14 May 2013 ~ 1 Comment

Rigger is almost 1 year old and he lives with his mom, Sara D., in Texas. He is a joy and a blessing, and his family couldn’t imagine their life without him.

Sara fell in love with Corgis about 2 years ago, after her Zumba teacher brought her tri-colored Corgi to the class several times. She just loved his cute personality and decided to own one, too.

Even though Sara lives in an apartment, Rigger gets lots of exercising, and he gets to take many trips to see his cousins at the farm, where he loves to play outside and explore the pastures. He also loves to play with the baby goats and explore the peanut fields.

Rigger likes the cool weather the best, and he really enjoyed the cold front that hit Texas a few months back. He’s a really sweet little guy, and Sara is thinking of getting Rigger a friend, but she wants to enjoy her boy for a while, until the time is right to get another one!

Welcome to Corgi Dogs, cute Rigger! Thanks for sharing your boy with us, Sara!

puppy shoes

“I have no idea how these got in here!”

cowboy corgi

sleeping cowboy corgi

cool corgi

watermelon corgi

“Buy one watermelon, get one free kiss!”

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    Love that first picture I’ve seen that look a time or two

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