Remy, the Cardigan/Pembroke Welsh Corgi Mix from Connecticut

17 July 2014 ~ 0 Comments

“Remington is a Cardigan/Pembroke Welsh Corgi mix that lives with my family and I in Connecticut. Remy turned 3 years old this year, and he loves to play with his older sister Chloe, our 8-year old Corgi. Remy was adopted from a breeder in Pennsylvania as a puppy, and has lived with me both at home with my family and at my apartment when I was away for college.

corgi stare

Remy’s favorite game is frisbee, although fetch with a tennis ball is a close second. He’s very good at letting me know when he wants to play – he’ll get just close enough for me to see him, but just out of reach and give me his best herding dog stare until we go outside.

He’s very smart and athletic, but has been known to bump his head off of table legs because he’s more concerned with watching what you’re doing rather than where he’s going. He’s always good for making us laugh with his silly quirks!

frisbee corgi

Remy also loves to go on very long hikes and walks, and sometimes he’ll carry a stick with him while we’re walking along. The only problem is, the stick is usually way bigger than he is! I’ve watched him try to pull small saplings out of the ground so he can drag them along for the walk. My mom says he’s got a big dog brain in a small dog body, and she’s right!

After a long day of tree-dragging and flying frisbees, Remington sleeps at the foot of my bed. He has his own blanket, but I still catch him stealing mine so he can cover himself up. He’s such a funny dog, and I love his personality.” – Kait

Welcome to CorgiDogs, Remy!

corgi in sunglasses

sleeping corgi

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