Pica the Corgi and Her Talented Mom, Amanda Beard

11 November 2013 ~ 0 Comments

Amanda and her boyfriend Jacob of Beverly, Massachusetts first discovered Corgis in college and were totally smitten – who could resist those adorable stubby legs, derpy smiles, and satellite ears? They talked about having one of their own someday. In the meantime, they snuggled their Pembroke Welsh plushie (“Esteban”), and Amanda incorporated Corgis into her illustration assignments whenever she could.

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A few days before Christmas of 2012, Jacob presented Amanda with a wrapped box. Inside were two sheets of paper: a Google famous photo of a Corgi puppy, and a screenshot of a website page that said “Pregnancy has been confirmed! Pups will be due around December 22”. After a few seconds to process the gift (“Wait. I don’t get it”), Amanda burst into hysterical tears of joy.

The first adoption arrangement didn’t work out, but after only a few months of waiting and racking their brains for name ideas, Amanda and Jacob got Pica (www.picathecorgi.tumblr.com), a female tricolor Pembroke Welsh Corgi.

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Pica is now a little over 10 months old. She’s incredibly energetic, friendly, and playful. She loves meeting new friends (both humans and dogs alike), going for hikes, playing tug and herding Jacob’s basketball around the apartment. Her favorite treats are cheese and peanut butter, but she only gets those on special occasions!

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corgi and basketball

With Pica as her studio buddy and number one source of inspiration, Amanda continues to incorporate Corgis whenever she can into her art as a freelance illustrator and designer. Amanda creates pet portraits, mini paintings, business logos, murals, tattoo designs, and even greeting cards, which she sells from her Etsy shop here: www.amandabeardart.etsy.com.

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Amanda is always open to commissions and custom orders. Be sure to check out her website (www.amandabeardart.com) and follow her on Facebook (www.facebook.com/amandabeardart), Tumblr (www.amandabeardart.tumblr.com), Twitter (www.twitter.com/amandalikesart) and Instagram (instagram.com/amandalikesart)!

Welcome to CorgiDogs, Pica and Amanda!
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