Ozzy, a Corgi from Portugal

17 December 2015 ~ 2 Comments

“Why have we decided to own a Corgi… Funny enough, it was because of a anime show called Cowboy Bebop. One of the main characters is a Corgi named Ein, but at the time I didn’t know what breed he was, so after some research I found it and did some research on it. Red so many descriptions, testimonials, saw countless videos and just fell in love… But it took years to finally have the chance to own one, since its very hard to find them in our country. It was on December 7th 2013 that Ozzy finally came into our lives, fulfilling a dream and becoming our little furry sunshine!

About his personality, favorite stuff… He has a huge personality, huge smile, loves people and children more than anything else! Sometimes he even embarrasses me when walking him because if he sees someone passing by close he tries to reach that person to get some petting! He thinks he’s the star of every place he goes! At home he is more relaxed, except when he wants to play because he will put his toys in your lap or feet if you don’t give him attention! And if you keep ignoring him, he will bark loudly like “c’mon, lets play!”, its so funny…

He loves his ball and chewing stick, loves to chase pigeons, loves to run in wide places, loves to play with other dogs (not all, though), loves snacks (of course!), loves to sleep on his back, and so many more… oh and he loves to sniff everyone and lick ears.

He hates water and taking baths, he is absolutely terrified of dryers (oh, those noisy hot winds of death!), hates going to his own bed (he always tries to sleep in our bedroom, he hides under the bed, lol) and he is not a fan of yelling and loud people.”

Sounds like Ozzy is an awesome little guy (just like all Corgis). Welcome to Corgi Dogs, Ivo, Sara & Ozzy!


Ozzy the Corgi

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2 Responses to “Ozzy, a Corgi from Portugal”

  1. Jaimie 17 December 2015 at 3:36 pm Permalink

    The reason we got a corgi was cowboy bebop also. Weird! Also our corgi loves to lick ears and mostly does all the other things you said yours does. Our corgi Moxxi will pur her toy in your hand/lap, and will also bark after awhile of beipng ignored. She also lays her body over the ipad because your ignoring her. She hides under the bed if the shower is on, but loves to swim in the lake.
    Funny how similar they are!

  2. Helena 31 January 2016 at 4:54 pm Permalink

    Where did you find a corgi in Portugal?
    Can you give me some advice, I am looking for a corgi pet for my family.
    Ozzy looks great!


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