Oliver and Dixie, Two Corgis from Maine

12 September 2014 ~ 0 Comments

Oliver turned 12 on September 1st. He lives in Maine with his companion, Dixie. Both are tri-color Corgis who live and play on a horse farm. Oliver was a birthday gift 12 years ago, and his owner, Alice, loved the breed so much that she acquired Dixie four years later to keep Oliver company.

tricolor corgis

Oliver is actually Dixie’s uncle. Dixie is from a female in Oliver’s litter, but they are nothing alike! Oliver is quite sophisticated, while Dixie is a rough and tumble farm dog. Both dogs love all things Corgi – walks, belly rubs, rides and, of course, food! They are like two peas in a pod, and watch out for one another. Dixie will have to wait until December 15th for her 8th birthday, but both dogs get special treatments on each other’s birthdays.

Welcome to CorgiDogs, Oliver & Dixie!

senior corgi

tri color corgi

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