Odin Bear from North Dakota

16 December 2015 ~ 0 Comments

“Odin Bear Donaldson was born on August 8th of 2013 in Prairie City, SD. He came to be my fur baby on October 13th of 2013 simply because I could not be alone. In April of 2013 I moved to Williston, ND from FL to be with my fiance who works in the Bakken. At the time there was and still is somewhat of an oil boom going on. After awhile of being alone due to the long hours my fiance worked, I decided it was best to get a companion.

One night my fiance and I discussed this and he wanted a big dog and I wanted a small dog, so we were at an impasse. A few hours later I logged onto a pet page on Facebook for our area and a breeder had just posted puppies for sale… Corgis! I, of course, did some research and was happy to find that Corgis are big dogs in small bodies. This was perfect. I contacted the breeder and she sent me a picture of all the pups and asked me to take a pick. I couldn’t pick… I simply told her that they all were precious and to choose for me. That week I mailed her a collar and I received my first picture of my baby. We drove a few hours to meet the breeder in October and we brought our little “beast” home. I say beast because I did not expect such a big feisty attitude to come from something so small.

Odin had some serious biting issues at first but we dealt with them as they came. He was the cutest brat. We still hadn’t came up with his name and after tons of searching online we decided to go with the name Odin. Our pup was so head strong and tough that we figured a name meaning the God of War suited him, considering everything with him was a battle in the beginning. Sometimes still is. When it cane time to register him, I noticed that his father’s middle name was Bear so we decided to use that name. A member of the family deserves a full name. When we received his genealogy, I noticed that his father’s mother was named Ima HoneyBear. I was pleased.

Odin loves the dog park and anything he can chase. He likes to hold his leash when he walks and he enjoys stopping for every stranger during those walks. I volunteer at the local humane society and Odin loves to tag along at the fundraising events. Odin smothers his dad’s face with kisses every day after work and cuddles with me every night. He is more than a pup to me… He’s my family.”

Sounds like Odin has great, loving parents. Welcome to Corgi Dogs, Odin and his family!

Odin the Corgi

Odin the Corgi

Odin the Corgi
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