Nia, a cute Corgi from Scotland

13 October 2015 ~ 0 Comments

Featured Corgis are back! Joining us today here on my blog is Nia from Confessions of a Corgi, by Nia. Nia is 3 years old and lives in Scotland, but was born in Wales, so you might say she’s a ‘proper’ Welsh Corgi.

Nia’s human parents chose her because they believe that Corgis are the most beautiful dogs, and they are 100% right. They also needed a breed that is a bit more apartment friendly, but without being a small terrier-type with small terrier-type tendencies. They have probably found out by now that Corgis do have terrier-type tendencies sometimes, but it’s too late now… 🙂 Nia’s friends are a rabbit and a few Guinea pigs. The Guinea pigs are always herded by Nia, but they don’t seem to mind.

Nia is outgoing, sassy and will definitely try to be the queen of the pack, no matter the size of the dogs she meets in the park. She’s super intelligent, learns and knows heaps of commands and also does agility where she regularly outperforms even bigger dogs than her. Just like my Toby, she loves swimming, but hates baths. Her favorite activity on a summer (or winter) day is playing Frisbee on the beach, followed by a dip in the sea to cool down. Nia was her human parents’ ring bearer at their wedding, and did a wonderful job.

Welcome to Corgi Dogs, Nia!

Nia from Scotland

Puppy Nia

Nia jumping
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