Milly the Corgi from Nebraska

08 April 2014 ~ 0 Comments

Meet Milly! She’s 2 yo and lives in Hastings, NE with Whitney S. and her family, who has always loved Corgis. So a few years after their last Corgi, Chipper, passed away, the family decided it was time for a new Corgi. And so Milly came into their life!

corgi puppy

Milly is a smart dog with a sassy attitude. She loves to play ball, chew on her bones and go for walks. She also enjoys looking out the window and bark at the things she sees outside, and play fight with the cat, Eddie. She is a very spoiled Corgi with an attitude, but everybody loves her very much!

Welcome to CorgiDogs, Milly!

smiley corgi

sunglasses corgi

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