Lacee Lo Rider and Pru Hannah, 2 Corgi Sisters from Nevada

16 July 2014 ~ 1 Comment

When Shirley & David B. of Las Vegas, NV decided to get a dog they knew they wanted a smaller dog, but one that was also “sturdy”. So they decided on a Corgi, and 9 years ago they brought Lacee Lo Rider into their home.

She’s a black-headed tri-color lady who loves to go for rides and hikes, and playing with her Kong toys. She also likes watching movies with her mom & dad – the whole movie, she won’t take her eyes off the TV screen!

corgis in snow

Shirley & David loved Lacee so much that they decided to get another Corgi. The little red-head with the black saddle is Pru Hannah, and she was adopted from Corgi Rescue in California when she was 9 months old.

Pru is now 6 years old and she’s a lovey dovey. Just like her big “sister”, Pru loves to ride and hike. The girls also enjoy playing in the sprinklers on hot days, wrestling with each other and chasing one another. They are so much fun and such a blessing!

Welcome to CorgiDogs, Lacee and Pru!

tri color corgi


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