Korki, the Corgi Who Received a Second Chance

14 October 2015 ~ 1 Comment

“This is my boy Korki. I’ve had him for almost two years. He actually was a stray in my boyfriend’s cousin’s neighborhood, in a town 45 miles from my home.

When I first saw him he was a little spooked but still friendly. It appeared that he had been on the streets for awhile because he seemed pretty malnourished. After my boyfriend’s cousin did some checking in the neighborhood and also at local vet clinics and found no missing Corgi posters anywhere, I made the decision to adopt him.

He has been with me, my boyfriend and our two girls ever since. I got him fixed and vaccinated and he is back to a healthy weight. He is definitely one of the family. I call him my furry son.

I’ve even taught him to sit, play fetch, he is such a smart guy. I’m very grateful for this addition to the family. After being introduced by a friend to the Corgi breed, I’ve always had a love of them. I feel like God put him where he did so I could find him and be his new human.”

Thanks for saving Korki and sharing his story with us, Danielle! Welcome to Corgi Dogs!

Korki the Corgi

Korki the Corgi 2

Korki the Corgi
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