Boo the Corgi from Wisconsin

06 February 2014 ~

“Boo is a 4 1/2 years old Pembroke Welsh Corgi that resides on the shores of Lake Michigan in Wisconsin. He is passionate about chasing his tennis balls in his enclosed backyard, going for power walks around the neighborhood, and enjoying the occasional indulgence of human food. Did I mention he loves playing with his tennis balls in the backyard?!

jumping corgi

When he is not coaxing a family member to throw his ball for him, he is gnawing on his Nylabone chew toys or racing through the house with squeak toys. At times, it seems he is more cat than dog as he enjoys laying on the top of the couch and chasing laser pointers.

corgi and tennis ball

Ever since our first family dog (a German Shepherd/Corgi mix), our family has loved the Corgi breed. Boo is our second purebred Corgi and we don’t see a future without Corgis in our home!” – Anna L.

Welcome to CorgiDogs, Boo!

smiling corgi

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