World of Warcraft’s Molten Corgi Pet

15 July 2014 ~ 0 Comments

I knew it! Not even Blizzard (World of Warcraft’s developer) can remain immune to the Corgi cuteness! Players who have been asking for an in game Corgi pet for years are getting their wish! Several days ago, WoW Senior Game Designer, Jonathan LeCraft, posted a couple of screenshots of a Corgi with the text: “World of Warcraft is proud to present The Most Amazing Pet Ever: THE MOLTEN CORGI!”

world of warcraft corgi

No additional details have been offered on whether the Molten Corgi will be an in-game or Blizzard Store item, but I’m sure it doesn’t matter for hardcore players and Corgi lovers. 🙂 Hopefully, WoW’s most amazing pet ever will be released soon, and in the near future we hope to see a Corgi mount, too. How cool would that be?

world of warcraft molten corgi

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