Valentine’s Day Corgi Mugs

05 February 2015 ~ 0 Comments

As you’ve probably noticed, I’ve added a few Valentine’s Day Corgi mugs to my online Corgi shop.
The mugs are made by Zazzle, so you can rest assure that they are high quality. There are 14 mugs to choose from, each featuring a different Corgi and a different message.
Once you click the “Buy Now” button, you can customize your mug after your own preference. There are 6 mug styles and 10 colors to choose from.

President’s Day Sale! Use coupon code BUYNSAVEDEAL and save:
$5 (when spending $25+)
$10 (when spending $50+)
$20 (when spending $100+)
Ends February 16.

See our Valentine’s Day Corgi Mug selection >>>

Corgi Mugs

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