The Molten Corgi is Coming to WoW Soon

10 August 2014 ~ 0 Comments

I bet you all remember the pictures of the fiery Corgi that were going around on the internet last month, after World of Warcraft’s Senior Game Designer, Jonathan LeCraft, tweeted them. At that time, he offered no additional details about the Molten Corgi, but now I have news for all the WoW players that are obsessed with Corgis. Good news, actually! 🙂

molten corgi

[Drumroll, please!] The Molten Corgi is a gift from World of Warcraft for their 10th Anniversary! This means that all players who log in to WoW during the game’s anniversary will be awarded the Molten Corgi pet. This Corgi loves to herd imps, roll around in lava, and snuggle with elemental lords.

He’s not the only content that’s coming to WoW for its anniversary, and Blizzard hasn’t announced the exact date for this event, but WoW’s anniversary is on November 23rd, so expect to claim your Molten Corgi around then.

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