The Correct Way to Trim your Corgi’s Nails

22 June 2013 ~

I know Saturday must be grooming day for many pets, so I needed to share this photo with you. It illustrates how to cut your dog’s nails correctly, and it also taught me an interesting thing: the nail’s blood supply recedes if you clip or file the nails often.

With Toby, I can say I’m lucky, since I don’t cut his nails. Ever. We did it a couple of times when he was a puppy at the vet’s office, and the last time they cut a nail too short, causing him pain, so after that, I attempted to cut his nails myself, but he wouldn’t stay still and I was afraid not to hurt him. So, after seeing that his nails get filed nicely on the pavement, I decided to give up on clipping his nails.

If you want to start cutting your dog’s nails at home, but don’t know what type of clippers to use, I’d say use the guillotine one. I tried both the guillotine and the pliers-style clippers on Toby, and the guillotine was easier to use. Also, don’t forget to have the styptic powder handy, because accidents can happen, and the powder will help stop the bleeding if you cut into the kwik (or quick).

nail clipping

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  1. Margit Hjartholm 22 June 2013 at 12:30 pm Permalink

    I like the pliers. It is easy to know where to cut.
    When i was training trimming the claws at home with my corgi, we cut one claw a session and I told him how good he did. Then we moved to 2 claws a session and so on. The only problem was (and still is) that he never needs to trim claws, as the pavement does it or he breakes them when walking. So now i only cut the wolfclaw (unsure of the name in english, but its the one on the inside of the frontpaws). But i think my corgi has quite porous(?) claws as they chip and break more than on other dogs i know of.

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