Pembroke Welsh Corgi

20 July 2011 ~ 2 Comments

The Pembroke Welsh Corgi is low-stature herding dog. It is believed that the Pembrokes were brought into Wales by Flemish weavers in the Medieval times (500-1400 AD).
Corgi has been the favorite breed of the British Royal Family since 1933, and everybody knows that the Queen Elizabeth II owns several Corgis.
Pembroke Welsh Corgis usually have a very short tail (bob), which is achieved through docking at an early age (3-5 days old) or breeding.

Country of Origin: Wales

Skills: They are great cattle herders and have enough stamina to be active all day long. Corgis are extremely friendly, which makes them a great companion for humans.

Height: The Corgi stands 12 inches tall.

Weight: The Pembrokes can weight between 25 and 30 lbs, and the males are usually heavier than the females. Corgis have a big appetite, so owners must be careful not to overfeed them in order to prevent obesity.

Coat: A Pembroke’s coat consist of short, straight hair. The Corgis are double-coated: the outer coat is coarse and waterproof, and the undercoat is soft and dense. Pembroke Welsh Corgis heavy shed twice a year.
A Corgi can be reddish brown, sable, tri-colored, fawn, with or without white areas on chest, neck and legs. Some white markings on head and muzzle are allowed.

Personality: Corgis get easily emotionally attached to their owner. They are very outgoing, alert, hardworking, very sure of himself, intelligent, eager to learn, and brave.

Training: The Pembrokes are easy to train due to their intelligence and ability to learn quickly.

Social Behavior: Corgis usually get along well with other animals. They are are not recommended for families with small children though, since their herding instinct will tell them to herd the kids.
A Pembroke Welsh Corgi is alert, but not overly suspicious of strangers.

Exercise: Corgis have a lot of energy, thus they need a lot of exercise. They love long walks and running.

Health: A Pembroke Welsh Corgi can live between 12 and 15 years. They are pretty healthy, but can suffer from several hereditary diseases, such as canine hip dysplasia, epilepsy, progressive retinal atrophy and intervertebral disc disease.

pembroke welsh corgi

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