Cardigan Welsh Corgi

19 July 2011 ~ 5 Comments

The Cardigan Welsh Corgi is one of the two Welsh Corgi breeds. It is believed that the breed has its roots in Roman Britain. The Cardigan was used for hundreds of years by farmers to herd their cattle. Below you will find the specific characteristics of the breed:

Country of Origin: Wales

Skills: The Cardigan Welsh Corgi is a great herding dog. They herd the animals by nipping at their heels.
The Cardigan also makes a great family dog. Their are very loyal, playful and alert.

Height: The ideal height for the Cardigans is 12 inches (30 cm) at the shoulder.

Weight: The male Cardigan Welsh Corgi usually weights between 30 and 38 lbs (13-17 kg), while the female Cardigan Welsh Corgi is lighter and can weight 25 to 34 lbs (11-15 kg).

Coat: Both Welsh Corgi breeds have two coats: the outer and under coat. The outer coat consists of coarse, short-medium hair, while the undercoat is soft and short. The Cardigans shed their under coat, so frequent brushing is recommended to remove the dead hair.
The Cardigans can have any color/combination of color. They can also have white markings on legs, neck and chest. White is allowed as long as it doesn’t exceed 30% of the surface.

Personality: The Cardigan is a very smart dog that is eager to learn new things. He is also hardworking, fun-loving and brave. Many believe that the Corgis are sometimes too brave.

Training: Usually, Cardigans have no problem at this category: they will gladly learn from their owner and understand commands quickly.

Social Behavior: This breed has a relatively calm nature and is not aggressive. Anyway, early socialization with other dogs and cats is recommended to prevent any future problems. Cardigans are also great with children.

Exercise: The Cardigan Welsh Corgi loves the nature. He must be taken regularly to walk and he needs a lot of exercise (running, playing fetch, agility races etc.). Very long walks with young Cardigans should be postponed until the dog is fully developed. Also, jumping up and down the stairs is not recommended because the risk of spine injury.

Health: The Cardigan Welsh Corgi is one of the healthiest dog breeds in the Herding Dog Group. However, he is susceptible to a few hereditary diseases like progressive retinal atrophy, canine degenerative myelopathy and canine hip dysplasia.
The Cardigans can live 12-14 years.

Cardigan welsh corgi

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