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Makinac – Cardigan Welsh Corgi from Sammamish

13 November 2011 ~ 0 Comments

corgi puppy

This very handsome Cardigan Welsh Corgi won his family over with those short, chunky legs. His name is Mackinac (or Macki for short), he’s 4 years old, and he lives with Elsbeth J. in Sammamish, WA. He enjoys running, playing tug-of-war, go for walks, and play with his two friends, Lady, the Golden Retriever, and […]

Feifan – Pembroke Welsh Corgi from Beijing

11 November 2011 ~ 2 Comments

Corgi Police

This is Feifan. He’s a Pembroke Welsh Corgi owned by Janet from Beijing, China. Feifan was born in 2008 in Taiwan. Janet fell in love with Corgis when she met Feifan’s dad, Ban Ban, who is actually owned by a member of her family, and also the first Corgi she ever saw. Those short legs […]

Lola – Pembroke Welsh Corgi from California

18 July 2011 ~ 1 Comment


Meet Lola. She is a sweet 4-year old Corgi living with her family in California. Her mom, Laura, said that she decided on a Corgi after seeing Kendra’s Corgi on “The Girls Next Door”, and then, after looking more into the breed, she knew it was a great fit. They wanted a smaller, but at […]