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Basil the Corgi Vs. Pudda the Cat

12 February 2014 ~ 2 Comments


Basil makes an appearance on the blog again! This time, he’s older (4 months) and wants to play with Pudda the cat. He’s all sweet and tries to get her interested, but she only wants to relax and sleep; and she makes sure Basil gets the message. Poor Basil! 🙂 He still has a lot […]

Corgi Wins Westminster’s Best of Herding Group (Video)

11 February 2014 ~ 1 Comment


Here it is! The Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show – Best of Herding Group judging, in case you missed it last night. This is the 138th edition of the show and it’s the first time ever a Cardigan Welsh Corgi has won the 1st place in the Herding Group. Way to go, Coco! 🙂 Below […]

Cute Corgi Feels Guilty for Digging in the Garden (Video)

10 February 2014 ~ 1 Comment


This here is the video version of the dog shaming. Meet Lexi, a super cute little Corgi! She likes digging in the garden, and this time her dad kinda catches her in the act and tries to make her feel guilty about it! And guess what? It works, poor little Lexi actually feels sorry for […]

Ozzy the Corgi Vs. Elmo Toy (Video)

09 February 2014 ~ 0 Comments


It looks like someone is not a big fan of Elmo! 🙂 I loved this video the first time a saw it, a couple of months ago, and I forgot to share it with you all, but here it is now. Ozzy is absolutely adorable, and the noises he makes.. omg, too cute! You probably […]

Cute Corgi Dreaming (GIF)

08 February 2014 ~ 2 Comments

corgi sleeping

You’ve probably seen this Purina TV commercial featuring a Corgi swimming in his sleep – I shared it on the blog a while ago. Isn’t he too cute? Well, I had to make a GIF out of it. I just love it when dogs sleep and run in their sleep! My Toby does this pretty […]

Corgi GIFs Made by Me

07 February 2014 ~ 2 Comments


You’ve probably already seen that really cute commercial with Corgis on my blog earlier. If not, here it is: I’ve been meaning to start making animated Corgi GIFs for a while now, but didn’t have a chance yet. Until this video came along. Those little guys are too cute not to be GIFed. Not […]

Corgi Puppies “Take the Biscuit” in New TV Ad (Video)

07 February 2014 ~ 4 Comments


A family is about to enjoy a cup of tea and some biscuits. A regular evening for a British family, until Dad opens a pack of McVitie’s and from it, a pack of 9 Corgi puppies emerge. Everybody enjoys the soft, furry cuddles of Corgi puppies for a moment. Yes, I think this might be […]

Belly Rubs Make Basil the Corgi Happy (Video)

06 February 2014 ~ 1 Comment


Here’s Basil. He’s a baby Pembroke, only 4 weeks old in this video, and he loves getting attention – what Corgi doesn’t? 🙂 He also loves belly rubs. A lot! Check him out smiling while his daddy rubs his tiny belly! Ah, I love puppies, and I wish I could’ve played with my Toby when […]

The Legend of Rainbow Bridge

05 February 2014 ~ 2 Comments

corgi at rainbow bridge

“Just this side of heaven is a place called Rainbow Bridge. When a pet dies who has been especially close to a person here on earth, that pet goes to Rainbow Bridge. There are beautiful meadows and grassy hills there for all our special friends so they can run and play together. There is always […]

Corgi Puppies First Time on Grass (Video)

04 February 2014 ~ 2 Comments


Are you ready for some serious cuteness? I just discovered this video of a litter of Australian Corgis getting its first taste of grass, after being inside on tiles, blankets and papers since birth. As you can notice, some pups have tails, while others don’t. That’s because their mom had a natural bob tail. Also, […]

Fiona the Corgi Vs. Ramses the Cat (Video)

03 February 2014 ~ 0 Comments


Remember Fiona, our featured Corgi from yesterday? Well, if you remember her, you know she has a cat brother, Ramses. Sometimes, they get along well, other times… You’ll have to watch the video to see how Fiona and Ramses “play”. All I can say is he’s a mean kitty. 🙂 Enjoy!

Corgi Vs. Rottweiler (Video)

02 February 2014 ~ 0 Comments


This video cracks me up! The Corgi is so cool, he’s almost ignoring the poor Rottweiler, because your size really doesn’t matter when your attitude stands tall, right? Isn’t that the Corgi attitude? 🙂 I just love this little guy! He just doesn’t feel like playing, he’s not intimidated by his friend’s size and he […]